Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bobble Blanket

Hi all.Do hope you are all well and enjoying your various crafts.The weather has been very soggy today,so soggy doggies too.Takes me ages to get out of my waterproofs then by the time I'v dried off the dog,it's time for a well earned cuppa.Ok,I am hoping some kind person will send me a comment as a few people have tried and failed of late.I have changed my settings so hoping it works.The above pic is of my latest addiction,The Bobble Stitch or some say Popcorn.I did post a year ago,showing a blanket I was making,ran out of that yarn but intend to finish it.Loving this bobble heart,am making a blanket for new twin girls in this colour Grass Green and Cream Stylecraft DK.Ok,well have a good,safe week everybody.Huggles xx 

EDIT.if anybody would like to leave me a comment and have found it comes right back at ya.glyn thinks it might be because your http bit should have an s on the end.Not sure but could be lol.xx

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